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The EH20 And EH30

  • Mechanical keys are easily duplicated. Duplicating machines are found in many places to cater to the making of multiple copies of a key. In striking contrast, the Flexi cards cannot be duplicated and are not required to do so. Any card can open a lock with some programming done to the lock to identify the card. Flexi cards are therefore more secure.

     Lost Keys

     In a conventional lock, when a key is lost or a key is suspected to have been duplicated, the entire lock-set needs to be changed. In a Flexi lock system you just need to delete the card number of the lost card form the Flexi lock memory. This process takes only a few seconds.

     1 Card Solution

     Conventional locks require different keys to control different areas. However, with Flexi locks, only 1 card is required by simply storing your card number into those doors where you can enter. So, no matter how many Flexi locks you are using, you only need to carry just 1 Flexi card.

     Remote Operation

     Facility is provided for you to remotely open a Flexi lock without having to walk to the door.

    Power source

    4 x AA size Alkaline battery


    10,000 times

    Card capacity

    EH20L - 50 cards
    EH30L - 250 cards



    • Install card
    • Clear memory


    • Install cards
    • Delete cards
    • Set site code
    • Clear memory
    • 3 modes of operation:
      • PIN code mode
      • Card mode
      • Card + PIN mode

    Type of Lock

    Cylinderical, 60mm or 70mm


    Polished chrome or polished brass