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Four to Thirty Six Zone Panel

  • Photain's comprehensive range of similar appearance panels provide control facilities from the smallest to the largest installation requirements. The Standard panels of one to eight zones provide simple reliable operation with limited optional facilities. The Mid Range Four to Thirty Six Zone panels provide greater engineering facilities and more detailed indication of fire and fault conditions and also introduce system programming for special applications.
    The larger panel range from sixteen to one hundred and twenty eight zones provide a full function display and operation capability including text display to clearly identify all alarm and fault locations and conditions. These panels are fully programmable for sounder and relay operation and can easily be integrated into voice alarm and extinguisher operation requirements. Programming can be achieved by laptop computer or directly on the panel keypad.
    Panels from the mid range upwards can be connected directly to the Photain Multiplex Control System or can provide RS232 outputs for signalling to Building Automation or other client computer systems.