building equipment control Analog Output Module : AO-101

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4 Analog Outputs
Integrated With all Intelligence Field Controller
High Communication speed
Expandable I/O

  • The INTELLIGENCE AO-101 is an intelligence microprocessor based controller that is used for cost effective direct Analog control of Chilled Water or Heat pump Modulating Valve, Lighting Dimming controlor any control devices that need analog signals. The unit can give the building operator an integrated system solution for controlling of building equipment from smaller buildings to larger facilities.
    As a general purpose intelligent Analog Output unit , the AO-101 provides 4 analog outputs (0-10 VDC or 0-20 mA : selectable) that can turn building equipment On and Off through a software configuration. On/Off Time scheduling can also be made through software.
    The INTELLIGENCE AO-101's fully distributed artchitecture puts decision making into each individual unit for rapid response. IntellNet communication protocal provides the AO-101 with the ability to communicate to the user through a NetMaster. Up to 128 AO-101's can be networked through IntellNet.
    The INTELLIGENCE DO-101 contain four analog outputs configurable for either 0-10 VDC or 0-20 mA operation (selectable) control of lighting dimmer, control valve or any control device that need analog signals.
    Communication to INTELLIGENCE AO-101 is handled through the IntellNet Bus which is essentially a twisted pair, full duplex RS422 interface. AO-101 communication are actuated through the asynchronous serial communication ports on the NetMaster Unit. Data transmission rate is 19,200 buad.


    2k EEPROM Flash Memory


    24 VDC

    Power Consumption

    6 VA


    Through IntellPC Work Station via IntellNet Bus

    Communication Speed

    1200 to 19.2 kBuad

    Bus Length

    4000 ft. using shielded twisted pair via an IntellNet Bus


    4 Analog Output

    Output Range

    0-2- mA or 0-10 VDC for each Output


    0-20 mA into MAX 750 ohms and 0-10 VDC into Minimum 4000 ohms