Report Suspicious Activity


Up to 19.2Kbuad Comm Speed
Optional Touch Screen Interface for an easy operate
Supports up to 128 field controllers

Data Logging and Trending
32 MB of RAM
Programmable RS232 for Third-Party system interface

The NetMaster is the Heart of the system it contains the Central Intelligence Unit, or CIU, and is the point through which an operator communicates with the entire system. While other "INTELLIGENCE" controller are providing direct digital control and monitoring of all the building's environmental system (air-conditioning, electrical or security Systems), the NetMaster provides a powerful solution for network communications and information management across the high-speed IntellNet network.
 System Architecture
Since the NetMaster acts as the Central Control Unit for user interface. The operator can Operate the system through a mouse and display that could be directly connected through a built-in ports inside the unit
The NetMaster supports expansion up to 4 IntellNet network. Each network can contain 32 IntellNet Controllers such as UI-101, DO-101, or AO-101. Thus , up to 128 "INTELLIGENCE" field controllers can be networked for a maximum system. (or approx. 2000 points Max.)
The Unit also provides a "slot", which allows you to "plug-in" variety of optional cards to meet your requirement such as Modem card for remote monitoring and control, Sound card for Voice alarm or Video card for CCTV system interface etc, to make the system more powerful.
 Information Management
Because of its large memory capacity (32 MB of RAM), the system includes an impressive array of the information management features, including :
On/Off Scheduling
Report and Alarming
Historical Logging

 Programmable Communication Ports
The NetMaster has a power to share information between third-party systems, using its programmable communication ports features. Each of NetMaster communication ports can be custom-programmed as a standard RS-232 ASCII interface. Common applications include tie-ins to Chiller control panels, Fire-Alarm systems or elevator control.
 Touch Screen Display
An optional high resolution true color graphic touch screen display is also available for users or operators who do not have a computer skillful for an easy operation. On/Off scheduling, control or monitoring can be done through a use of touch screen display.
 Auto-Buad Modem
The Auto Dial/Auto Answer modem allows the NetMaster to receive or initiate exchanges of information across voice grade telephone lines.